Rewrite the Rules of Outdoor Cooking with the New Gas Griddle

There's something primal and thrilling about cooking outdoors, where spices mingling with the smoky aroma of char-grilled meats stir the senses. It's a ritual transcending mere meal preparation; it's an experience of enjoyment and tradition. But what if you could take that experience a step further, transforming your outdoor cooking space into a full-fledged kitchen? Herein, the new 30" Gas Griddle by Summerset Grills emerges as a game-changer for outdoor cooking enthusiasts, offering the convenience and functionality of a gas range built for the al fresco lifestyle.

This comprehensive exploration uncovers the features of the 30" Gas Griddle, the myriad ways it can be employed, and why it might be the missing ingredient in your outdoor culinary escapades. Let's rewrite the rules of outdoor cooking with the new Gas Griddle from Summerset Grills.

The 30" Gas Griddle is a Game-Changing Flat-Top Griddle

Unleash Your Inner Chef with the 30" Gas Griddle by Summerset Grills

Summerset Grills takes pride in creating tools that elevate the art of outdoor cooking. The 30" Gas Griddle is a sterling example of our commitment to quality and innovation. Boasting a broad, 720-square-inch cooking surface, it promises to expand your outdoor menu exponentially. Whether you want to fry, sauté, sear, or scramble, this Griddle is a beacon for culinary exploration.

The Gas Griddle has the same Summerset Quality you love!

Features of the 30" Gas Griddle

Equipped with stainless steel U-shaped burners, the Gas Griddle offers superior heat distribution for consistent cooking. A push-and-turn ignition system ensures a quick start, while durable, heavy-duty construction materials ensure this Griddle is built to withstand the elements.

Its front panel LED lighting and control knobs don't just offer functional elegance; they illuminate your cooking controls, allowing you to effortlessly create your masterpieces under the stars. A stainless steel cover is included, transforming the Griddle into a workspace when needed and protecting it from the elements when not in use.

How the Gas Griddle Works

The Gas Griddle's design prioritizes user convenience. Strategically placed grease troughs lead to the removable front-access grease pan, making cleaning a breeze. You can say goodbye to flare-ups as dual side tray guards protect the flanks of your Griddle from runaway grease. The versatility extends to the griddle plate itself, which can double as a warming tray.

Using a Gas Griddle Outdoors

With the 30" Gas Griddle, the outdoor culinary possibilities are endless. Here are some techniques and recipes to get you started.

Cooking Techniques & Benefits

  1. The Grill Cover of the Griddle can double as a prep space or warming tray
    Large, Flat Cooking Surface: The Griddle provides a consistent, flat cooking surface, perfect for sears on delicate fish, caramelizing vegetables, cooking breakfast staples without a fuss, or even creating a drool-worthy smash burger. The large surface area allows you to employ zone cooking techniques, ensuring everything on the menu finishes cooking simultaneously.
  2. Temperature Control: Temperature control is critical to mastering the Griddle. The Summerset Gas Griddle provides accurate temperature monitoring with powerful burners and precise regulators, which are crucial when cooking delicate foods that could scorch over high heat.
  3. Easy Cleaning: Its sleek griddle plate and front-access grease pan make cleaning up after a cookout simple. The stainless steel construction also makes for quick wipe-downs. Ice cubes are one of the best ways to clean a stainless steel gas griddle. The ice helps lift off any stuck-on residue, making for an effortless cleanup. 

Recipes for the Gas Griddle

The Gas Griddle brings a gamut of meal ideas and recipes to the table. Anything you can cook on an indoor stove is on the table, and the massive 1⁄2" thick stainless steel cooking surface allows more versatility and possibilities than standard stove burners can handle.

Scallops, Shrimp & Seafood

From sweet chili shrimp and blackened fish tacos to buttery scallops, the Gas Griddle's even cooking temperature makes it perfect for seafood. The flat surface ensures a delectable sear, while the griddle plate can also act as a warming tray.

Corned Beef Burgers with Stout Mustard and Fried Egg – Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Stir-fry dishes benefit from the Gas Griddle's large surface area and even heat distribution. Whether cooking up a classic Pad Thai or experimenting with vegetable tempura, the Griddle creates the perfect canvas for your creations.

Pan-Fried Meats & Goodness

The Gas Griddle covers all classics from juicy steaks and crispy bacon to perfectly fried burgers. It's also ideal for creating a variety of one-tray meals that require minimal clean-up. Check out Corned Beef Burgers with Stout Mustard and Fried Egg just in time for a Happy St. Patrick's Day celebration!

Perfect Pancakes

Preheating is vital to the perfect pancake on the Griddle. A consistent temperature across the surface guarantees uniform, golden-brown results. Mix your batter, ladle your pancakes, and watch as the Griddle does its magic.

Sizzling Fajitas

Marinated meat and peppers on the Griddle release a sizzling sound that's music to any fajita-lover's ears. Lay down your proteins and vegetables, keeping them separate at first to avoid steaming, until they're all perfectly seared. Check out this Easy Chicken Shawarma Recipe!

Breakfast Hash

A hearty breakfast hash is a great way to use up leftovers. With a well-preheated griddle, you can achieve the perfect balance of crispy and tender with your potatoes while cooking up your chosen proteins and extras to mix in on the side.

Maximize your outdoor kitchen with the Gas Griddle, TRL Grill, Outddor Oven, and Power Burner

How the Advantages of the Gas Griddle from Summerset Grill Can Maximize Your Outdoor Kitchen Experience

When you add the 30" Gas Griddle to your outdoor kitchen, you're not just buying a cooking utensil; you're investing in an experience. The Griddle's versatility can't be overstated—from casual family breakfasts to elaborate dinner parties, this addition ensures you're ready to take on any culinary challenge. Its durable construction is a testament to longevity and quality, meaning it will be a staple in your outdoor space for years to come.

Its convenience extends to maintenance—cleaning the Griddle is straightforward, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your food and company rather than wrestling with the cleanup.

In a broader sense, the Gas Griddle epitomizes outdoor living. It embodies the desire to extend the comforts of home into the open air. With it, you can cook and create in a dynamic space that—quite literally—serves up freedom.

Get Your Gas Griddle Today

The 30" Gas Griddle by Summerset Grills is a versatile outdoor cooking tool beyond traditional grills. It adds a finishing touch to your outdoor kitchen and expands your culinary skills as you savor every delicious bite.

For outdoor cooking enthusiasts, home chefs, and grill masters, now is the time to enhance your culinary space with the 30" Gas Griddle. It's not just an appliance; it's an experience waiting to unfold. Get yours today and start rewriting the rules of outdoor cooking, one sizzle at a time.