How To Keep Your Stainless Steel Gas Grill Clean

If you're like most people, you probably enjoy spending time outdoors grilling delicious food for your friends and family. But if you're not careful, that shiny new grill can quickly become covered in grease and dirt. So fire up the barbecue, and let's get started! This blog post will show you how to keep your stainless steel gas grill clean and looking good as new.

The Basics of Keeping Your Stainless Steel Gas Grill Clean

The gorgeous stainless steel of the Sizzler Pro

Caring for Stainless Steel

The focal point of your outdoor kitchen is the stainless steel, which is beautiful and gleaming. It's also scratch-resistant due to its endurance and longevity qualities. The number one tip is to avoid using abrasive brushes or cleaners since they will leave scratches, including paper towels because they are composed of cardboard.

To maintain a smooth finish, clean with soft fabrics such as microfiber towels, nonmetallic sponges, and plastic-bristled brushes, rubbing in the grain direction. When unsure, use dish soap and hot water to clean your grill and accessories.

Cleaning the Inside Sides and Bottom of Your Grill

Grease and food residue accumulates on the sides and bottom of the grill, causing corrosion, poisons, and even fire risks. To clean the inside of the grill, use a stainless steel cleaner or soapy water with a soft cloth. To scrape away stubborn deposits and debris, use a plastic putty knife. Because they leave a film and color with high heat, avoid polishes or protectants.

Maintaining the Outside of Your Grill

The outside shine of your grill gets all the glory and attention from guests and keeping it clean, glossy, and scratch-free is just as important as its purpose. Only employ stainless steel cleaners or nonmetallic microfiber soft clothes to preserve the luster and distinctive appearance you've grown to love.

Also, be wary of polishing stainless steel in areas surrounding the fireplace since they leave a film that may cause discoloration under extreme heat. Cleaning your grill regularly is required, especially along coastlines where salty sea air and fog might promote additional corrosion on even the most durable metals.

Clean grill grates make all the difference with great barbecue

Cleaning Grill Grates

Grill grates must be cleaned after every use to prevent grease and food build-up, limit corrosion, and preserve the taste of your meal. Use a decent stiff wire brush to remove debris and grease when the grates are still warm.

Using a baking soda and water paste may help you clean your barbecue if staining and build-up persist. Combine a 50/50 combination of baking soda and warm water to make the paste. Apply it to the removed grill grates using a brush. Allow it to work for at least 20 minutes before washing it away with a garden hose. Place the pasted grates in a large trash bag and leave them overnight for more intensive cleaning.

Maintaining Barriers/Radiants

Barriers and radiants like Summerset's ceramic briquettes need cleaning too

The barrier, sometimes known as "a radiant," helps shield the burners from food and grease particles. It's also called a "radiant" because it helps distribute the heat and spreads heat to all sides.

Greasy ceramic barrier replacements should be flipped over to face the burners' slick side. Open the lid, turn on the burners, and simmer for 15 minutes. After shutting off the gas, let the grates cool down to "warm" before scrubbing them with a brass-bristle brush (not metal) or wadded-up aluminum foil. Cleaning ceramic barriers with soap water will extend their lifespan.

Clean the Burner Assembly

Regularly clean and inspect your burner for food and grease droppings to avoid problems. Remove the unit as a whole and clean all components with a soft cloth and soapy water. If blocked burner ports are caused by debris, use a toothpick or drill bit to clear them. 

Keep Your Grill Ready for When Opportunity Strikes

With summer coming, it's essential to have your grill ready if the perfect opportunity for an outdoor meal pops up. By following these simple tips, your grill will be clean and in good condition to enjoy a delicious and safe meal with friends and family.

Now that you know how to keep your stainless steel gas grill clean, it's easy to maintain its appearance and quality for years to come! Follow these simple tips to avoid build-up, corrosion, and contamination, and your grill will look shiny and new every time you use it.

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