Unwrap an Alturi Grill this Christmas: The Gift of Luxurious Outdoor Cooking

As the holiday season approaches, it's time to think about what gifts we'll place under the tree. Nothing could be more exciting for those passionate about grilling than unwrapping a brand-new grill on Christmas morning. And when it comes to the crème de la crème of grills, the Alturi Series from Summerset Grills takes the cake.

Alturi is a luxury gas grill designed for you

Luxurious Outdoor Cooking Experience Starts Here

While most people look forward to opening their presents and spending quality time with their loved ones, have you thought about what you will get for your backyard this Christmas? If you haven't yet, then it's time to check out the luxurious Alturi Series by Summerset Grills. These grills are perfect for those who love outdoor cooking and want to elevate their grilling game to another level.

The Alturi Series stands out in any space

Experience the Luxury of the Alturi Series

The Alturi Series is not just a grill; it's a beacon of luxurious outdoor cooking. These grills are meticulously crafted in the USA, embodying elegance, functionality, and power. Constructed from high-quality #304 stainless steel, these grills are designed to withstand time, offering countless seasons of memorable grilling experiences.

One glance at an Alturi grill, and you can't help but admire its sleek design. The solid stainless steel construction exudes luxury and quality, making it an eye-catching centerpiece for any outdoor kitchen. But don't let the stunning exterior fool you. Underneath that sleek shell lies a powerhouse of grilling capabilities.

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity

Alturi grills are equipped with high BTU burners, providing impressive cooking power. For instance, the 42" Alturi Grill boasts a total of 90,000 BTUs. With such power at your fingertips, you can sear steaks to perfection, slow-roast a succulent pork shoulder, or even whip up a mouthwatering seafood feast. The possibilities are endless.

From rotisserie to sear burner, the Alturi Series has everything

Moreover, these grills offer a spacious cooking surface. The 42" Alturi Grill provides a whopping 1066.375 square inches of cooking area, allowing you to cater to large gatherings effortlessly. Whether hosting a modest family get-together or throwing a grand backyard party, the Alturi has got you covered.

Enjoy Convenient Features

Alturi grills are not only about power and performance; they also come packed with convenient features designed to enhance your grilling experience. The grills feature angle-mounted interior lights, perfect for those late-night barbecue sessions. A heavy-duty rotisserie kit is also included, allowing you to roast meats to perfection. The grill features a handy storage bracket for the rotisserie spit, ensuring everything you need is always within reach.

Furthermore, the Alturi Series grills come with ceramic briquette trays, providing even heat distribution for consistent cooking results. And with the easy-glide drip tray, cleanup is a breeze.

Bring the Alturi home for Christmas

Quality Outdoor Appliances Like No Other

Summerset Grills is known for producing high-quality appliances to enhance your outdoor living experience. Their appliances are built to last, with a sturdy frame and powerful burners that perfectly cook your food. Whether you're looking for a grill, oven, or commercial-quality cold storage, Summerset Grills has got you covered. They understand that outdoor cooking is more than just a hobby - it's a lifestyle. That's why they offer a range of products catering to all your outdoor cooking needs.

Gorgeous in any location - The Alturi Series

If you're looking for inspiration for your outdoor kitchen setup, then Summerset Grills' blog has got you covered. You can find grilling tips, recipes, and inspiration for outdoor kitchen setups that will take your cooking game to the next level.

When it comes to outdoor cooking, the possibilities are endless. With an Alturi grill by your side, you can cook up a storm and impress your guests every time. Whether a beginner or a seasoned griller, the Alturi Series by Summerset Grills is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. You can do everything from cooking a juicy steak to roasting a whole chicken with an Alturi grill.

Give the Gift of Grilling this Christmas

So, why not make this Christmas extra special by gifting your loved one an Alturi grill? Unwrapping such a luxurious gift on Christmas morning will bring joy and excitement. And as you gather around the grill, sharing laughter and stories while savoring delicious food, you'll create memories that will last a lifetime.

The Alturi Series from Summerset Grills offers the ultimate luxury in outdoor cooking. With its exquisite design, remarkable performance, and high-quality materials, it's the gift that keeps giving. So, this Christmas, give the gift of a luxurious grilling experience with an Alturi grill.

Summerset Grills' commitment to quality appliances is evident in their products, whether you need an outdoor oven or cold storage. They have everything you need to create an outdoor kitchen that provides a source of food and a beautiful space that you and your guests can enjoy.