Expand Your Cooking Options with The Oven from Summerset Grills

Are you looking to take your outdoor living space to the next level and create a true outdoor kitchen experience? Look no further than The Oven from Summerset Grills. This versatile piece of equipment is built to last with unparalleled durability and craftsmanship while providing various cooking options. Whether you want to bake appetizers or desserts, The Oven gives you the flexibility to make your next outdoor gathering a success. Let's look at how to expand your cooking options with The Oven from Summerset Grills.

Get your own pizza oven with The Oven

How The Oven Expands Your Cooking Options

When we're grilling outside and need an oven, it's stressful to keep going back inside to the kitchen. This leaves guests alone and raises our blood pressure. With The Oven, we can bake, roast, and warm food outside while interacting with our guests. It's designed to withstand the weather and offers the same convenience as an indoor oven. Now we can cook and entertain without leaving our guests.

The Oven is beautiful and powerful

Unmatched Durability and Craftsmanship

The Oven is built to last with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. It is constructed with #304 stainless steel and features a double-walled construction for superior insulation. This ensures that your food is cooked evenly and thoroughly every time. The Oven also includes a built-in thermometer to easily monitor the temperature and ensure your food is perfectly cooked. 

Unrivaled Flexibility

The Oven from Summerset Grills is exceptionally versatile and can cook various dishes. It has a large cooking surface with a 16,000 BTU Main Burner, giving you ample room and heat to cook your food to perfection. The Oven can handle it all, whether you want to bake a pizza, roast a chicken, or even bake a cake.

Sleek Style and Aesthetic

In addition to its functionality, The Oven is incredibly sleek and stylish. It features a modern design that seamlessly integrates with any outdoor living space. The Oven also includes a glass viewing window to quickly check on your food without opening the door and losing heat.

Perfect for Outdoor Gatherings

The Oven is an excellent addition to any outdoor gathering, whether a gameday feast or a pool party. You can use it to bake appetizers or desserts while watching the party. The Oven is also a great way to cook without heating your indoor kitchen on a hot day. 

The Oven is a Pizza Lover's Delight

Fully functional and flexible, bake anything from fresh pizzas to decadent brownies.  

  • The Oven has all the accessories to slow roast and smoke some poultry, bake your favorite pizza, and finish the night with your specialty cobbler.  
  • Two stainless steel cooking grates are included, with three positions available for baking multiple shallow dishes or roasting larger items.  
  • A smoker box for your favorite wood chips lets you infuse mesquite hardwood smoke into dishes for a fun, hybrid cooking experience.
  • The sizeable premium pizza stone will keep that pie uniform, crisp, and perfect.
  • A matching flame tamer allows for complete control and customization of the cooking process, while the included grease tray provides added safety and easier cleanup.
  • Everything you need for endless summer nights and entertaining is included with every purchase.
The Oven from Summerset Grills

Choose Your Oven

We offer four models of The Oven that are suitable for any outdoor space and configuration. You can choose between natural gas and propane for fuel, depending on your specific needs. Additionally, you can choose between a built-in/countertop design or a freestanding model with a matching stainless steel cart.

The Oven is a versatile kitchen solution for beginner bakers and experienced grilles. The freestanding model includes a cart with LP tank storage, two prep and storage shelves, a magnetic latch door, and airflow-regulating vents. The protective feet kit that comes with the built-in model allows for custom installation on islands or countertops.

The Oven is the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen

Looks as Good as it Cooks!

The Oven has a stylish, aesthetic design that does not compromise its power and function. It features a sleek retro industrial feel with polished steel that catches the eye and appeals to proud homeowners.

The Oven has a custom window that is visually pleasing and comes with a temperature gauge for precise readings. It also has high-power halogen lighting inside, allowing you to bake whenever you like outdoors. The Oven is easy to use with its electric starter ignition, and a storage drawer for utensils and accessories keeps everything organized.

This appliance has numerous accessories and features that can enhance your Sunday afternoon barbecue experience.

Upgrade Any Outdoor Kitchen with The Oven

Get ready for summer pizza parties with The Oven

The Oven can make it easier to enjoy the great outdoors in your backyard, which is healthy and relaxing. Enjoying a tasty meal and drink outside can be a refreshing experience. Being active and standing more can improve overall fitness and lead to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

The Oven is an excellent addition to any outdoor kitchen. It can be used for baking, smoking, and grilling, allowing you to cook in new and exciting ways. You can even create a custom pizza bar or roast ribs in The Oven and finish them off on the grill. With The Oven, you can enjoy outdoor living even more.

Consider adding The Oven from Summerset Grills to your kitchen to take your outdoor living space to the next level. With the ability to bake everything from appetizers to desserts, The Oven is the perfect addition to any outdoor gathering. It features unmatched durability and craftsmanship, unrivaled flexibility, and sleek style and aesthetic.