Winter Grilling with the Rotisserie

While grilling during the colder months is not necessarily common for some homeowners, you can do it with ease and delicious results. Consider using a rotisserie to achieve some of your favorite grilled flavors in wintertime. A rotisserie is a great way to get that smokey flavor without being stuck in the cold temperatures outside for long periods. Let's explore why winter grilling with a rotisserie might become your new favorite way to grill when it is cold.

The Benefits of Rotisseries for Winter Grilling

The Sizzler Pro with rotisserie from Summerset Grills

Rotisseries are very versatile and can cook many different kinds of food. From meats like pork, beef, chicken, and turkey to whole fish and seafood - you can cook just about anything on a rotisserie. Plus, because you won't need to monitor every second as you would when using other cooking methods (like an oven or stovetop), you'll have more time to concentrate on other tasks while dinner is cooking away. 

Another benefit of using a rotisserie for winter grilling is that it allows you to use wood chips or pellets to help add a smokey flavor. This means that no matter how cold it may be outside during the winter months, you can still enjoy all the flavors of outdoor grilling! You can even purchase special wood chips designed explicitly for rotisseries if desired.

When it comes time to clean up after dinner, most modern rotisseries come equipped with removable parts making cleaning simple.

More benefits include:

  1. The constant rotation of the rotisserie means your meat will be cooked evenly throughout with no effort on your part!
  2. You can create fantastic side dishes or gravy by capturing the delicious drippings.
  3. It's the perfect way to entertain guests - they can watch the meat cook without you having to stand over the grill the whole time!
  4. It's healthy! Rotisserie cooking requires very little oil to enjoy a delicious meal without all the fat and grease.
  5. The rotisserie leaves your oven free to make other food, like dessert!
  6. Meat off the rotisserie tastes amazing!
Rotisseries are great for everything from chicken to pork

Grilling Through the Winter with a Rotisserie 

Who says grilling is just for summer? With the right grill and a few tips, you can grill up your favorite dishes even in winter. Rotisseries are especially great for winter grilling because they provide even heat distribution and are perfect for cooking roasts, chicken, and other large cuts of meat. Here’s how to get the most out of your rotisserie this winter.

Rotisserie Safety Tips 

Once you have had a roast on the rotisserie, you can never go back!

When grilling in cold weather, safety should always come first. Before setting up your grill, ensure your outdoor area is free from snow and ice. Keep an eye out for hazardous conditions like slippery surfaces or exposed cords that could cause injuries or fires. Also, never leave your grill unattended when children or pets are around, as they may accidentally touch something hot or cause an accident. 

It's essential to ensure that your rotisserie motor is working correctly before using it. Check for any frayed wires and inspect the motor itself for any signs of damage. If everything looks good, then you're ready to begin!

Preparing Your Food 

The best thing about using a rotisserie is that it requires minimal prep work. All you have to do is season the food you're cooking—you don't need to marinate it beforehand since the rotating motion will help flavor the food as it cooks. When placing food on the spit, ensure it is balanced so that everything cooks evenly. You can coat the food with oil or butter for added flavor and moisture and provide succulent drippings for side dishes.

Cooking Times

Rotisserie cooking times for most meats are typically around 15 to 20 minutes per pound. An exception to this is chicken cutlets or whole roasting chickens, which usually cook within 60 to 90 minutes unless they're pretty large. Always use a thermometer when checking if food is done and safe to eat—the internal temperature needs to meet the following guidelines:

  • Poultry - 165 °F
  • Pork - 145 °F
  • Beef - 155 °F
  • Fish - 145 °F 
Rotisseries grilling on the Sizzler Pro is great any time of year!

Rotisserie Grilling Starts Here

Wintertime doesn't mean that your grilling days are over! With a little extra effort and creativity, you can easily replicate those smoky flavors indoors by investing in a good quality rotisserie for your grill. Not only will this allow you more time to focus on other tasks while dinner is cooking in the background, but it also makes cleanup easy!

Each line of Summerset Grills comes with a rotisserie, motor, and spit storage. Rotisserie kits are also available in different sizes. So why not give wintertime grilling with a rotisserie a try? Once you do -you'll never want to go back!