How to Know if it is Time to Replace Your Grill

Springtime is around the corner, and then it's summer, baby! You want to be ready for grill season, and your grill should be a gateway to the outside, not an obstruction because of its low-quality features, faulty design, or need of repair. But how do you know if it is time to replace your grill rather than repair or bear it?

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Grill

You may believe your old grill is adequate, but it could be time for an upgrade. Almost every grill will eventually need to be replaced, even with constant care. Minor gas leaks, uneven heating, damaged venturi tubes, rusted grill grates, broken regulator, broken lights, and a buildup of carbon residue are all signs your grill needs to be replaced.

When playing with fire, the most important thing is to avoid putting yourself, your loved ones, or your property in danger. Deal-breakers are faults that jeopardize your safety and must be fixed. The following five problems show that it is time for a new grill.

How to Know if it is Time to Replace Your Grill

01.   The Firebox is Either Rusty or Cracked

A rusted or fractured firebox endangers the grill's safety and must be replaced. Because this problem will get worse with time and exposure to high heat, it's best to replace your old one as soon as possible.

02.   Gas Leaks

How to Know if it is Time to Replace Your Grill

Leaking gas is an obvious danger. If you see any gas leaks, turn off the grill and have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Spray your gas hoses and connection with soapy water to perform a bubble test, then turn on the gas. If you see bubbles, there's a leak somewhere. It may be feasible to repair it by changing a hose, but sometimes you'll need to replace the entire grill.

03.   Buildup of Heavy Grease

Grease is a significant safety hazard. Regular cleaning is required with all machines and equipment to maintain optimum performance. A severe fire risk may result from an accumulation of grease and debris over time. If left unattended, the use of your grill may lead to this greasy deposit becoming too large to scrape away, necessitating replacement.

04.   Structural Stability

Over time, your grill's structural integrity will be challenged until it is no longer safe to use. Metal grills can lose their integrity due to wear and corrosion, resulting in catastrophic failure if something isn't done. As mentioned above, a heavy buildup of grease and food can eat away at the inside of your grill if left unattended. Weather and humid ocean air can also speed up the corrosion process of even the best grills. If you see any fractures in your grill's body, frame, or supports, stop using it right away.

05.   New Features and Abilities

How to Know if it is Time to Replace Your Grill

As grilling technology advances, it's best to stay up-to-date. If you're still using an old-fashioned grill, you may be missing out on features like infrared cooking and smoker boxes. Upgrading to a more recent model can provide you with higher-quality food and longer-lasting equipment.

There are many innovative features and accessories available in today's grills, including:

  • Attachments for roasting poultry and other meats on a rotisserie
  • Infrared burners capable of incredibly high heat for the perfect sear
  • LED lights that provide better illumination while cooking
  • Side burners that can also be used to prepare sauce and sides at the same time
  • Shelves and storage to keep your grilling area clean and orderly

High-performance grills are meant to be the best of both worlds, combining excellent craftsmanship with various features that provide a superior, safe grilling experience. If you don't have the tools or choices you want, buying a new grill is sensible and fun.

How to Know if it is Time to Replace Your Grill

So, What's the Verdict?

If your current grill is no longer cutting it, it's probably time to replace it with a new, more efficient one from Summerset Grills. For the luxurious outdoor cooking experience, we offer the finest high-quality grills from our Sizzler series to the luxurious Alturi line. Round out your outdoor kitchen with powerful gourmet functionality with cold storage, matching side burners, vented hoods, and even an outdoor oven.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional client care and assistance every step of the way. Find a store or dealer near you, so you're ready for this summer's grilling season!