How to Choose the Right Cabinets for Your Outdoor Kitchen - The Summerset Outdoor Kitchen Planning Series

Some people live in houses with beautiful kitchens but don't have any outdoor space for an outdoor kitchen. How do they get their dream of cooking outside? The answer is simple: They build it on the deck or patio with the help of the Summerset Outdoor Kitchen Planning Series!

This article will show you how to plan and design your outdoor kitchen, including how to choose the right cabinets for your outdoor kitchen. From materials to style choices, the cabinetry can elevate the look, feel, and function of your outdoor living experience. So if you're ready to bring the fun of cooking outdoors into your home, read on!

How to Choose the Right Cabinets for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Types of Outdoor Cabinets

In the series, we have been looking at the logistics and infrastructure of your outdoor kitchen plan, including location, utilities, and layout. With the cabinetry, this officially begins the project's Design Phase as you start selecting the materials and finishes for the grill island and kitchen area.

Most homeowners want to start right here when designing their outdoor kitchen because it tends to be more fun than pulling permits. Outdoor kitchen cabinets add function and style to the backyard cooking space. Cabinets can be custom-crafted or prefabricated for a more cost-effective route, but water resistance is paramount in both cases. The best options are stainless steel, marine-grade polymer, and teak.

  • Stainless Steel - Durable, weatherproof, and matches the grill. Look for #304 stainless steel.
  • Marine Grade Polymer – Easy to hose down and UV-resistant, marine-grade polymer cabinets are watertight.
  • Teak - Desirable for their classic good looks, teak cabinets must be custom-built for the space and sealed and resealed regularly, with a water-proof finish.
How to Choose the Right Cabinets for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Things to Consider When Picking Your Kitchen Cabinets

When choosing outdoor cabinets, first think about the basics like space, budget, and the best material for the climate, and then secondly, move on to style. Regardless of cabinet materials, several features need consideration when choosing cabinets.

  • Adjustable Legs - Adjustable legs allow vertical adjustment to accommodate ground variations due to flagstone and other surfaces that are not perfectly flat. 
  • Optional Toe Kicks - These give a more finished appearance by hiding the legs.
  • Exterior Trim Details - Details include fluted spacers and crown moldings that can be used to dress up the cabinets.
  • Accessibility Features - Outdoor kitchen cabinets with options like roll-out trash bins and trays make using them a lot more convenient.
  • Quality Hardware - Door hinges, drawer slides, connection pins, screws, handles, and similar items should be made from quality materials like stainless steel that are not affected by the elements.
  • Durable Construction - Look for durability in the design and materials of the cabinets. Thicker grades of stainless steel offer better rigidity and resistance to denting. Polymer cabinets made with 3/4" thick boxes and shelves are a good choice. 
How to Choose the Right Cabinets for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Make it Fun!

As you go through the process, it can become overwhelming with all the decisions are required. When you feel anxious about the project, please take a deep breath and keep it fun and cheery. The emotive context of your decisions will come through in the design choices and the overall ambiance of the space.

At Summerset Grills, we have all the cabinets, storage solutions, and accessories to craft your ideal custom outdoor kitchen. Contact us today with any questions about your outdoor kitchen cabinets.