Watch the Property Brothers Use Summerset Grills in Celebrity IOU

Don't Miss Leann Rimes' Surprise Gift of a New Kitchen and Deck to Lifelong Friend!

The Property Brothers are two of the most famous and talented designers on TV. They always have some new idea to make your house look beautiful and have entertained millions through their brand and TV shows. They recently teamed up with LeAnn Rimes on Celebrity IOU to do something extra special for her friend Roger. A trusted friend and counselor, Roger had helped her through tough times, and LeAnn wanted to thank him in person by giving him the indoor-outdoor kitchen he's always wanted. The Scott brothers were excited to help create an outdoor space where Roger could cook up all his delicious dishes and share them with his loved ones.

“LeAnn Rimes' friend Roger saved her life by intervening during a dark time, and now she's calling on Jonathan and Drew to help give back in a big way.”

Watch the Property Brothers Use Summerset Grills in Celebrity IOU

Celebrity IOU on HGTV follows the Scott Brothers as they help Hollywood A-listers surprise impactful people in their lives with home renovation projects. Each episode features a different celebrity donating a heartfelt thank you to an important person in their life with the creative help of Drew and Jonathan Scott. In episode 6, an exquisite indoor and outdoor culinary workshop is masterfully curated, and we are delighted that Summerset Grills was included in the generosity.

“We were thrilled to help create a space where Roger would enjoy hosting all his loved ones and treating them to his culinary creations.”

The worn kitchen was tight, inefficient, and not conducive for entertaining and cooking, with the small laundry space colocated there. Jonathan and Drew set out to completely remodel the kitchen and adjoining bathroom and laundry room with sophisticated and dark cabinetry and bright walls and ceiling. Creating separation and reworking the workflow, they crafted a whole new experience to benefit Roger and his partner's lifestyle.

“A proper Italian kitchen had to have a proper pizza oven!”

Watch the Property Brothers Use Summerset Grills in Celebrity IOU

A retractable glass wall system was installed to create a cohesive indoor-outdoor living space, and the entire deck and outdoor kitchen were replaced entirely. A modern custom grill island was built and installed by Summerset Superstore's design team to stretch the whole depth of the deck and provide plenty of room for appliances and serving space. The massive 42" Estate Grill by American Made Grills(our sister company) combines luxury gas grilling with sophisticated style and features. At the same time, the Outdoor Oven from Summerset Grills makes this a proper Italian kitchen for Roger to enjoy. The Summerset massive double outdoor refrigerator provides all the needed storage to keep ingredients and drinks cold and refreshing.

Watch the Property Brothers Use Summerset Grills in Celebrity IOU

Adjacent to the outdoor kitchen, a Kalea Bay Outdoor Fireplace from Firegear was installed as a stunning accent to provide warmth on chilly nights and create an inviting atmosphere for entertaining. Finished in light stone, the outdoor gas fireplace acts as a feature wall for the dining area and is as much a modern decorative element as it is functional.

“He won't have to scrimp on ingredients with that massive double refrigerator below.”

Humbly touched by LeAnn's kindness, Roger was blown away at the reveal and overwhelmed with new possibilities afforded from this renovation. Once again, the Scott Brothers transformed and rejuvenated a living space with quality design and artistry. We are immensely proud to be a part of bringing joy and generosity to such beautiful people.

If you missed the premiere, it's not too late to cathc one of the re-air showings throughout the summer. Click here for a complete listing on HGTV.



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