Warm and Cozy, Natural Wood Beams, Multifunctional Shelter, Outdoor Entertainment in the Arizona Desert

Outdoor living comes in all shapes and sizes, offering plenty of fun and relaxation regardless of location and size of the space.  This multifunction outdoor shelter brings a mini-theater, grilling station, and lounging area to enjoy throughout the year. Most backyards use a lot of stone and concrete, and by lining the ceiling and windbreak with wood beams, the designers have added a warm and inviting ambiance to the patio. The large screen television allows for outside entertainment, whether the big game or a cozy nighttime movie for two.  The inclusion of a custom ceiling fan serves a dual purpose of relief on hot days and blowing the smoke away while grilling.

The kitchen island is stocked with a stainless steel built-in Summerset grill, making for an epic game day cook-off and experience. Finished in stucco and painted gray, the island fits seamlessly into the space allowing the wood beams of the shelter to lure the guests’ focus to the TV. Concrete countertops blanket the island for ample prep space and bar-style seating.  A matching stainless steel cabinet and drawers combo unit finish the island with needed storage.  Designed and installed by Premier Paradise, Inc. of Gilbert, Arizona, this huge shelter offers plenty of shade, comfort, and entertainment for birthday parties, movie nights, and barbecues.

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