Transitional Elegance, Moving Glass Wall, Inviting Pool, Toronto Oasis

Stunningly beautiful, this Toronto backyard is an oasis from the busy world creating a transitional space between the inside and the inviting pool.  With modern lines and black accents in the railing and trim, the design frames the windows and doors of the home, pulling the outside viewers inward and the inside views outward. A large moving glass wall divides the patio area from the living space allowing for truly open-air concept living during warm weather. This intentional influence of perception creates a transitional elegance for guests to explore both spaces.

The transition to the outdoor kitchen is seamless through the glass wall, and the raised elevation allows for a comfortable view and ambiance over the pool area.  A covered patio creates a haven for the cooking and eating areas.  A wood covered ceiling brings the warmth of the inside hardwood floors to balance the gray stone tile outside.  Clad with natural stone, the sleek island features a matching Summerset built-in refrigerator, side burner, grill, and storage.  The dark furniture balances the natural tones of the stone to accent the eating area with inviting elegance.  With sophistication and class, this space captures the balance of function and design for year-round living and enjoyment.

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