Outdoor Living at its Best: A Look into A Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen in Sarasota, FL

Who wouldn't love entertaining family and friends in a beautiful outdoor setting with a fully functional kitchen? Outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason. They not only add value to your property but also offer a new level of culinary experience that you can't get indoors. While there are countless designs and styles, this outdoor kitchen, built by Radil Construction LLC. in the Lakewood Ranch community of Sarasota, FL, is elegant, sophisticated, and functional. Let's take a closer look at this stunning outdoor kitchen for inspiration for your backyard.

Outdoor Living at its Best: A Look into A Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen in Sarasota, FL

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Its remarkable aesthetic appeal makes this outdoor kitchen stand out from the rest. From the choice of materials to the selection of appliances, every design aspect is carefully thought out to create a harmonious, stylish space. Using travertine stone for the facade adds a rustic touch that blends perfectly with the granite counters. The stainless-steel appliances (TRL Grill, double burner, doors, and drawers from Summerset Grills) were chosen for their durability and sleek and modern look. The wraparound bar, which incorporates natural stone features and provides ample seating space, perfectly complements the overall design, making this outdoor kitchen the envy of any homeowner.


While looks are essential, they are not everything in an outdoor kitchen. Functionality is a critical aspect as well. Fortunately, Radil Construction LLC. has left nothing to chance regarding functionality in this kitchen. The built-in TRL Grill with a cooking surface of up to 1,158 square inches and the double burner provides enough cooking space to cater to the needs of many guests. The sink, conveniently located next to the cooking station, allows for easy cleanup, while the doors and drawers from Summerset Grills make organization and storage a breeze. This kitchen has everything you need to prepare a feast comfortably and conveniently, making it the best fit for any homeowner who loves to cook.

Outdoor Entertaining

The outdoor kitchen is not just about cooking; it's also about spending time with family and friends. The wraparound bar provides additional seating space for poolside eating and entertaining, making it an ideal location to gather with your loved ones, socialize, and watch the chef at work. A combination of lighting fixtures has also been included in the design to create an ambiance that enhances the outdoor experience—this makes it the perfect place to relax and unwind just outside of your home.

Integration with Outdoor Living Space

By building a functional outdoor kitchen, you are also making an extension of your home. The design team considered this and seamlessly integrated the outdoor kitchen with the existing outdoor living space. The covered patio that replaced the original screen enclosure now incorporates the outdoor kitchen, allowing easy access to the pool and ensuring everyone can enjoy the various amenities the space offers. The concept of indoor-outdoor living is a trend that has been on the rise, and with this outdoor kitchen, you can achieve this unique and unbeatable lifestyle.


In conclusion, outdoor living has never been better, thanks to outdoor kitchens that can now be found in many homes. We hope this post has inspired you to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. The outdoor kitchen designed by Radil Construction LLC. in the Lakewood Ranch community of Sarasota, FL, stands out for its aesthetic appeal, functionality, and ability to integrate with outdoor living spaces. If you are thinking of creating an outdoor kitchen, this is an excellent example of how your area can look like.

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