Massive Pergola, Custom Deck & Pool, Year-Round Relaxing in Sunny Arizona

Designed to entertain and best utilize a modestly sized space, this custom Arizona backyard provides an abundance of recreation and leisure to enjoy throughout the year.  A large hybrid shelter covers the outdoor kitchen and deck up to the pool.  The solid half provides a cool place to cook and entertain with recessed lighting, but as it nears the pool, the shelter converts to a semi-open pergola style to provide the perfect balance of sun and shade. A stunning waterfall feature flows from the top of the pergola to the pool for a punch of luxury and peaceful ambiance. The different flooring materials define each area with a gray custom deck anchoring the cooking and eating area, and the bright stone tile surrounding the pool.

To maximize space under the shelter, the designers from Premier Paradise, Inc. have installed an “L”-shaped island to provide a powerful outdoor cooking experience.  Concrete wraparound countertops provide plenty of preparation and serving space, while the island houses a huge built-in grill from Summerset, built-in side burner, and ice chest. Matching stainless steel drawers, cabinets, and cold storage provide the storage needed to handle any cooking adventure while enjoying the pool and festivities. With careful skill, this backyard has been crafted into a fashionable destination for pool parties, family events, and exquisite getaways.

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