Grill Island Inspiration to Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer!

Get ready for summer with an outdoor grill island! Transform your backyard into the ultimate entertainment space this summer with an outdoor kitchen and grill island. With some inspiration, you can create a luxurious outdoor space that will make your friends and family jealous. Read on to learn more about how you can get started on creating the perfect outdoor oasis. 

Outdoor Kitchen and Grill Island Design Ideas 

When designing your outdoor oasis, consider what features you want to include in your grill island. Here are some design ideas to consider from this week's inspiration project in Indiana: 

  • L-shaped island with stone veneer – A great way to add an elegant touch to your backyard is by incorporating stone veneer into the design of your grill island. This will provide a beautiful backdrop for your grilling needs and create a stunning visual effect. 
  • Built-in Sizzler Grill from Summerset – For those serious about their grilling, consider adding a built-in Sizzler grill from Summerset Grills to your island. This powerful unit will help you create restaurant-quality meals right at home. 
  • Summerset Beverage Station with sink, ice chest, and storage compartments – What better way to cool off during those hot summer days than with cool drinks? Add a beverage station complete with a sink, ice chest, and storage compartments for creating cocktails and refreshing beverages at ease.
  • Raised counter for bar seating and dialogue – The raised counter is perfect for bar seating and engaging in conversations while cooking up some delicious dishes on the grill. 
  • Rough-cut stone countertops – Why not install rough-cut stone countertops for an extra touch of luxury? This material offers a beautiful, durable look to withstand the elements outside without any worry of damage or wear and tear over time. 

A grill island is a perfect way to elevate your backyard this summer! Whether you’re looking for something simple or luxurious, there are plenty of options to design the ideal outdoor oasis for entertaining guests or just enjoying quality time outdoors with family. So start planning now, so that come summertime, you'll be ready to enjoy all your new outdoor space has to offer!

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