Create Transitional Outdoor Living Space with a Compact Built-in Kitchen Island

Inspiration for your outdoor kitchen area

Do you have a poolside space that needs some extra flair? Consider creating a transitional outdoor living area with a compact built-in kitchen island like this inspiration home. This type of outdoor kitchen island is designed to be stylish and functional, providing plenty of storage, easy cleaning, and all the features necessary for preparing sumptuous meals outdoors. Let's break down the components of this fantastic built-in outdoor kitchen.

This outdoor kitchen island has been designed with several elements in mind. First, the stucco island provides plenty of storage for outdoor cooking essentials. The stainless steel Sizzler Grill from Summerset Grills adds an elegant touch, while the built-in sink makes cleanup effortless than ever. An outdoor refrigerator keeps all your ingredients and beverages cool and fresh throughout the day. Finally, a vented hood finishes the space, adding style and function.

In addition to its functional elements, this kitchen island also features beautiful textures that enhance its aesthetic appeal. From granite countertops and tiled backsplash to stone tile flooring, this space is elegant and calming—perfect for entertaining friends or enjoying amazing food poolside.

Transitional outdoor living spaces are all the rage right now, but they can be hard to achieve without proper planning. Fortunately, with a compact built-in kitchen island like this, you can enjoy all the benefits of an elegant yet functional space without worrying about significant construction projects or complicated designs. Whether you're looking for something to entertain family and friends or add some flair to your backyard oasis, this type of kitchen island will surely get the job done!

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