Sylvester Stallone gets the Muscle Grill

Sly Stallone Joins the Revolution


This is something I've never seen here!

We started a revolution of hybrid multifuel grilling with the Muscle Grill, and when Hollywood A-lister, Sylvester Stallone, wanted to sign up, we brought the cameras with us.

Getting ready to grill steaks with Sylvester Stallone on an American Muscle Grill by Summerset Grills

Venturing up to his new pad, the team from Summerset Grills set off to show the grill's power and features to Sly and his staff. Installed in a brand new custom grill island, the Muscle Grill looks like a beast barely tamed. A bit in awe, Sly watches as the grill is set up to simultaneously grill with hardwood and charcoal. Summerset's national sales manager and cook extraordinaire uses the powerful 20,000 BTU gas burners to light the solid fuels and turns them off after about eight minutes. After another five minutes, he breaks up the hardwood with a mallet to create a wide bed of beautiful red oak and white ash good for an hour and a half of grilling.

As Snake River Tri-Tips are laid on the grill, amidst the soothing sound of searing, Sly exclaims, “This is something I’ve never seen here!” For several minutes, the tri-tips are seared on each side to lock in the moisture and then moved to a cooler portion of the grill to finish cooking and rendering. This is the power of the Muscle Grill with 5 distinct cooking zones for using any type of fuel simultaneously or separately.

Getting ready to grill steaks with Sylvester Stallone on an American Muscle Grill by Summerset Grills

As the fire rages, the sheer power and heat created by the hardwood and charcoal keep the action star at bay. “I always wanted one,” is heard off-camera as the gorgeous tri-tips continue to caramelize. A cool cat like Sly doesn't show excitement, but he was clearly amazed and happy about what he saw. The sights, sounds, and smells also began attracting a crowd as his staff came out to see the magic.

After the beef is finished, bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeños were added to the grill, showing the grill top's flexibility. This type of performance gives the home grilling enthusiast the ability to grill as top restaurants do with raging hot searing and indirect heat zones. Clearly happy with his new digs, Sylvester Stallone has been initiated into the Muscle Grill way of life, and it smells good.


I always wanted one






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