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“There just is no more versatile single grill, it’s an eye turner.”


If you have room for just one grill, look no further than this masterpiece.

We think our grills are great, but it’s always good to hear what others are saying. In his article, Larry Olmsted of Forbes reviewed the Muscle Grill, “5 Great Grills That Will Make You A Backyard BBQ Star,” ranking it first among competitors. A grilling aficionado, Larry is continuously trying new grills and techniques, rotating through his numerous grills to stay on top of the trends. As an award-winning travel journalist and bestselling author, Larry is not content to regurgitate press release information without actually using the grill. 

At first glance, the Muscle Grill brings you back to the classic muscle cars of yesterdays inspired by the front end of the '66 Mustang Shelby GT 350. As those cars were strong and powerful, the Muscle Grill is constructed of heavy-duty steel, built in the USA, and offers unbridled horsepower like a classic V8.

Getting ready to grill steaks on a 54 inch Muscle Grill by Summerset Grills

There’s more than just style and bravado that makes this Larry’s “go to, primary, everyday grill. It is the best combination of price and high-performance in the newest, hottest outdoor cooking category, multi-fuel or hybrid grills.”  The Muscle Grill allows you to burn it all – charcoal, lump charcoal, wood chunks, pellets, natural gas, and liquid propane. Get the flexibility of a multi-fuel chameleon and a raw power champion that outclasses any of its single-fuel challengers. Put innovation in the chef's hands with the creative Multi-Fuel Tray System, enabling grilling with any combination of solid fuels. Take advantage of the convenience of gas, or use it to ignite those solid fuels in seconds, meaning no more chimney starters. The Muscle Grill is the top performer in any class while offering the best of all fuels in one package.

As with most toys, bigger is better, and the Muscle Grill is designed to pack raw power into a small chassis. Each Muscle Grill features complete #304 steel construction and innovative designs for maximum airflow.  Dual spark, solid brass, flame-thrower ignitions fire every time, and reversible V-Tech grates give added control over heat-transfer.  Each burner features a robust 22,000 BTU's, a protective shield, and is constructed of 14-gauge #304 stainless steel. The protective shield is a two-in-one burner cover and multi-fuel tray system featuring a 12-gauge #304 stainless steel tray for charcoal or other solid fuel. Maximum horsepower means maximum performance, and the Muscle Grill offers a combined 110,000 BTU’s to tackle any culinary adventure.

Getting ready to grill steaks on a 54 inch Muscle Grill by Summerset Grills

With so much power and flexibility packed under the hood and gorgeous style and physique incorporated into the design, Larry writes, “If you have room for just one grill, look no further than this masterpiece.” A perfect blend of innovation and exceptional craft, the Muscle Grill is shockingly cheaper than any competitor – it's not even close! Compare now! With over ten grills to choose from on his patio and more in his barn, Larry concludes, “the only comparable grill I’ve tried costs nearly four times as much, and I’m loving cooking on this!”


this has become my go to, primary, everyday grill.

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