See how The Scott Brothers used Summerset Grills to surprise Justin Hartley's friend!

Property Brothers Collaboration

Justin Hartley’s Surprise Demo and Remodel of Friend’s Backyard in Season 2 of Celebrity IOU

“Justin wanted to give them the ultimate outdoor oasis.”

Drew and Jonathan Scott have been entertaining and inspiring viewers for many years. “What started as a single TV show has grown into an entire world of entertaining and remodeling—from the Property Brothers shows, to our production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment, to our ‘Builder Brothers’ children’s book series, and our Scott Living line of home furnishings and decor.” We find it incredible that the home design industry's frontrunners are featuring our grills and appliances in their projects. Sure, we can boast of all the benefits and features of our products, but when Drew and Jonathan choose Summerset products for their projects, we want to share the news.

“Since they live in southern California, the backyard is an extension of the house for nine months out of the year. Now, Mat and his family have a whole new wing of their home.”

Celebrity IOU is a newer show that features the Scott Brothers helping Hollywood A-listers surprise impactful people in their lives with home renovation projects. Kicking off the second season, Justin Hartley surprises his longtime friend, Mat, by using an excavator to tear down his pool fence while Mat watches TV! Finally, being able to purchase their home after moving from apartment to apartment for years, Mat and his wife didn’t have enough money to fix the rundown backyard and pool. Justin teamed up with Drew and Jonathan to help transform the entire yard into a surprise outdoor oasis.  Hands-on with the demo, construction, and design choices, Justin sought to give back to his beloved friend, “To be able to pay him back with something that I know is really going to help him and his family. It's the least I can do."

The backyard was dilapidated and dry, and the pool was empty, cracked, and unusable. Uneven and weather-beaten concrete slabs made the patio unsafe, while the vegetation throughout was either gone or dead. The pool walls were cracking, and the California sun had scoured the home's exterior to the point of being dangerous. Everything needed to be redone. Drew and Jonathan wanted a blank slate to work with, so they began demoing and leveling out the backyard. They rebuilt the patio, created an outdoor kitchen, resurfaced the pool, added privacy fencing, wholly redesigned the landscaping, and replaced the driveway.

“The outdoor kitchen extended the indoor living to the outside. Clad in porcelain counters, the kitchen features an integrated grill and fridge.”

The outdoor kitchen employed a modern custom two-tone island with beautiful white porcelain countertops, waterfall ends, and an attached bar for entertaining. The island's gray face matches the new trim on the roof and the privacy fencing for a unified aesthetic. Fully stocked with Summerset Grills components, the island features an Alturi 36” built-in grill that is the elegant powerhouse of high-performance grills. Stocked with a stainless steel refrigerator, combo cabinet, and unique warming drawer, “The outdoor kitchen extend[s] the indoor living [space] to the outside.” One of many personal touches for the family, Justin also asked for a pizza oven to be included since pizza night is a weekly tradition for Mat’s family.

“Pizza night is a weekly tradition for Mat's family, so Justin also asked for a pizza oven to be included.”

Outside the master bedroom, the grass was stained and dying, so “Justin had a vision of creating a cozy space for Mat and his wife to enjoy after the kids are in bed.” They created a peaceful getaway for the happy couple that can double as an engaging area to entertain by laying a pebble patio, installing a custom fire pit, and surrounding it with a relaxing loveseat and two armchairs.

Summerset Grill in Backyard

From beginning to end, every part of this backyard was transformed into the breathtaking masterpiece Mat and his family desired. We are immensely proud that Jonathan and Drew allowed us to have a role in helping this family realize the dream of their forever home. 



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