Graveyard Carz Chooses the Muscle Grill for Their Shop

The Style and Power to Match Their Cars

Graveyard Carz is an automotive reality show focused on restoring Mopar Muscle Cars. Not only are the cars wrecked, but they are also beyond repair. To fix a Graveyard Car, it can't just be restored; it has to be resurrected.


Grilling season is just around the corner, and we are getting set up here at the shop.

With the grilling season coming, they wanted a grill that would match their company's style and bravado. They resurrect muscle cars of yesterday to pristine condition, and this grill needed to match the era, unbridled power, and classic style of their vehicles and clientele. The Muscle Grill was the perfect fit for them, and they produced a video, featured on their Facebook page, to show what they think of it. Check it out here!

The video begins with the cover being removed, revealing the classic-style thermometer meter like a muscle car's dashboard getting ready to roar to life. Cut to the front face, designed in the likeness of the front grill of a 1969 Shelby Mustang GT 350. Bold and robust in flair, the Muscle grill shines with gorgeous stainless steel, retro style, massive controls, thick grill grates.

The spring-assist double-lined hood reveals the cooking surface, much like opening a muscle car's hood to gawk over the pristine engine. Sporting a vast 1,105 sq-inches of cooking surface, a flip-up warming rack, and interior lighting, this baby is a blank canvas ready for the artistry of the grilling enthusiast. Five beefy burner controls smoothly give you access to the 22,000 BTU’s of five individual cast stainless steel burners for a combined total of 110,000 BTU’s of raw power.

Use those burners to ignite solid fuels like charcoal, hardwood, lump coal, pellets, or any combination thereof for a truly unique and invigorating grilling experience. The sleek lines of the custom handles and front grill face are beautiful touches of craftsmanship that make any journeyman proud. Seamlessly fitting in with the style and aesthetic of restored and resurrected muscle cars, The Muscle Grill is the proud choice of Graveyard Carz for their outdoor grilling experience.


The Muscle Grill 36-inch 5-Burner Freestanding Grill is our choice.




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