White and Clean, Sleek Island and Fireplace, Modern Open-Air Lifestyle, Outdoor Dreaming in Northern California

In regions where real estate is at a premium, using innovation and style to maximize space can yield magical results. This Northern California townhome makes the most of their compact yard to create a clever hideaway that is chic and modern.  Using a folding glass door system, a serene indoor-outdoor open-air hideaway is achieved, maximizing their living space by extending it outdoors.  Gray brick flooring transitions from the indoor laminate to create a garden-like feel, while the natural wood fence pulls from the wood indoor wood textures.  A huge white island borders the small patio, housing a simple fireplace and making it feel larger and brighter than it is. Artisan accents and furnishings bring a comfortable homely vibe, while the sleek lines provide a modern and fresh look.

The expansive island runs the entire width of the patio providing length and function.  A gas fireplace anchors the entire patio with the grill island extending to one side and extra counter space to the other.  Stucco is used to keep the entire island smooth and bright, adding to the modern lines.  Black granite countertops add sharp contrast that further accentuates the bright cheeriness of the island.  A built-in Summerset Grill anchors the grill island with dual refrigerators providing plenty of utility and refreshment. The stainless steel of all the appliances matches the gray brick of the patio creating a unified color palette warmed by the timber enclosure. Despite difficult space restrictions, the designers of Northern California Grills have expertly crafted an inspiring and dreamy retreat that feels just right.

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