Warm & Modern Coastal Grilling Hideaway with Gorgeous Wood Slatting and Waterfall Counters

Everyone dreams of living near the beach, but what you gain in the convenience of beach communities, you often lose in space with tightly packed neighborhoods. This beach home shows how small places can be smartly configured into comfy and stylish hideaways. The area is defined by gorgeous wood slatting that is as much a piece of art as a privacy fence.  Deep and dark, the slats' varying thickness gives it an organic feel that is sleek and warm.  With a minimalist approach, everything looks placed with a purpose, from the symmetric accents lighting to the perpendicular flooring. The warm wood textures are beautifully balanced by stainless steel appliances and furnishings. Everything about this space is inviting and calming, exactly what you imagine living by the beach would be.

The grill island is an extension of the serenity and relaxing theme of the outdoor retreat. The front face employs the same warm slatting as the fence, while gray waterfall counters fortify the minimalist feel with smooth, seamless edging. A built-in Summerset Grills appliance with a matching side burner is installed off-center, allowing for cozy bar seating at the other end. The stainless steel appliances, storage cabinet, and furnishings offer a brilliant contrast to the warm slatting with a smooth texture and countless reflections. Striking to behold and comfortable to lounge in, this cozy patio has been transformed into a beach oasis to relax and host small parties.

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