Summer’s Coming to Port Orange, Florida with Custom Aluminum Island, Stone Veneer, and Granite Countertops

Now is the time to get ready for summer with an outdoor kitchen upgrade or remodel. This home in Port Orange resurfaced its patio and built a custom kitchen just in time for summer grilling season. Taking advantage of the home's original construction keeps the project budget-friendly and uses the existing shade and shelter of the patio. For an upgraded look, the concrete slab was replaced with stone pavers creating texture and value. An exterior stucco wall of the home has been transformed into an accent wall with natural stone veneer up to the ceiling. This acts as a backsplash for the island and a gorgeous stone feature for the patio. Recessed lighting adds needed illumination and ambiance for evening cooking outdoors.

This custom grill island maximizes the compact space with plenty of appliances and storage. Constructed from an aluminum frame, the island's front face is finished with the same stone veneer as the backsplash and topped with granite countertops. A small half-height wall return was added next to the sink to complete the built-in look that also helps as a wind guard. The grill is a Summerset Grills Sizzler Pro, providing plenty of firepower to grill whatever is on the menu. Matching stainless steel storage drawers and cabinets keep everything organized, while a handy built-in sink allows for handwashing and tidiness. Also containing a refrigerator, this custom kitchen has everything needed to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather all year round. With an intuitive design and expert craftsmanship, Barker Scapes has increased the home's value by crafting an outdoor space that is functional, stylish, and memorable.

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