Space-Saving Outdoor Kitchen, Mosaic Backsplash, Rooftop Experience in Jersey City

Space-Saving Outdoor Kitchen, Mosaic Backsplash, Rooftop Experience in Jersey City

Nestled atop a Jersey City building, this rooftop kitchen designed by Easy Outdoor Kitchens transforms limited space into a high-end culinary haven. With breathtaking views of sunrises, sunsets, and starlit skies, this outdoor oasis proves that no backyard is a barrier to luxury outdoor living.


The heart of this compact island is the Summerset built-in 32-inch Sizzler Pro, a testament to how space-saving designs can still accommodate gourmet outdoor cooking ambitions. The grill's sleek stainless steel construction promises durability and adds a touch of elegance to the rooftop setting.


A built-in sink and refrigerator accompany the grill, ensuring that everything you need for a delightful cooking experience is within arm's reach. These thoughtful inclusions minimize trips back inside, allowing you and your guests to fully immerse yourself in the rooftop ambiance.


Storage is integrated into the design, with three cabinets and two drawers providing ample space for utensils and supplies. This efficient use of space ensures the outdoor kitchen remains clutter-free, focusing attention on the stunning surroundings and the culinary creations being whipped up.


The aesthetic appeal of this rooftop kitchen is undeniable. Porcelain wood veneer tiles laid in a landscape orientation visually expand the space, while a mosaic blue backsplash adds a vibrant pop of color. The kitchen island, topped with a granite countertop, is beautiful and built to withstand the elements, making it perfect for year-round entertainment.

Outdoor Rooftop Solutions

This Jersey City rooftop kitchen is a prime example of how urban spaces can be transformed into luxurious outdoor living areas. It challenges the conventional notion that an outdoor kitchen requires a large backyard and offers a blueprint for maximizing limited space without compromising functionality or style.

For those looking to bring a slice of culinary paradise to their own rooftops, this project serves as inspiration. With careful planning, high-quality appliances like those from Summerset Grills, and smart design choices, even the smallest spaces can become the setting for unforgettable outdoor dining experiences.

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