Space-Saving Outdoor Kitchen, Mosaic Backsplash, Rooftop Experience in Jersey City

No backyard, no problem!  Take advantage of space-saving alternatives with this compact, built-in rooftop island in Jersey City, New Jersey. Installed by Easy Outdoor Kitchens, they are experts in rooftop applications, augmenting function and space with high-end touches. Beautiful porcelain wood veneer tile aligned in a landscape orientation causes the island to appear elongated and bigger than its modest footprint.  Accented by a mosaic blue backsplash and topped with a granite countertop, this island is built to withstand the elements through every season. 

What is gained in space is not sacrificed in function as the island maximizes storage and utility with stainless steel appliances.  Centered around a Summerset built-in 32-inch Sizzler Pro, the island includes a needed built-in sink for cleaning and a refrigerator for cold.  Filled out with three cabinets and two drawers, there is ample room for supplies and utensils reducing the trips back inside to a minimum.  Connected power and plumbing allow this outdoor kitchen to be self-sufficient, offering spectacular rooftop views of the sunrise, sunset, bright blue skies, and starlit nights.

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