Sophisticated & Rustic, Timeless Terraces, Serene Gardens, Open-Air Panoramas, Stone Retreat Outside Milwaukee

Our country is full of beauty and breathtaking scenery, and outdoor living is about maximizing our interaction with nature just outside our doors.  This Wisconsin home is surrounded by inspiring meadows and groves, the backyard has been masterfully curated to compliment and appreciate the landscape. Modern design and rustic stone pavers bring a timeless quality to the garden even though it is a new remodel. The natural shades of stone match mulch and warm up the space that surrounded by vivid greenery.  The patio is connected to terraced areas for lounging and entertaining, the first centered around a gorgeous firepit. The second terrace is decked with reclining sun chairs for relaxing in the sun. A matching grill island has been constructed under the patio with spectacular views of the garden and countryside to admire the beauty and keep a watchful eye on the kids while cooking.

The outdoor kitchen is brilliantly incorporated into the patio support beams, so that matches the aesthetic of the home and backyard. Also constructed of multi-tonal stone, the island is topped with an attractive reddish granite that matches the outdoor seating cushions and the fresh mulch of the garden.  A Summerset Grills built-in grill elegantly centerpieces the island with its sleek stainless steel finish.  Matching cold and dry storage fill out the utility of the space for relaxing afternoons outside. With expert craftsmanship and design, the artists at The Rock Stone and Landscape Supply have created a serene and rustic space that arouses wonder and appreciation of the Wisconsin countryside.

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