Sophisticated & Inviting Rooftop Retreat with Warm Wood-Slatted Island and Floating Canopy

When working with tight spaces, getting creative can yield innovative and stunning results. This Chicago roof deck has been transformed into a cozy retreat in the middle of a busy metropolitan neighborhood. With modern textures and clean lines appropriate for city dwellings, dark wood slatting and flooring accents feel organic and warm, making this an inviting rooftop getaway. A distinct lawn area with built-in planters further helps separate the space from the rest of the city surroundings. The floating canopy provides needed shade while grilling or eating, but can also be retracted for unimpeded panoramas of the cityscape. A compact, multiuse grill island completes this rooftop retreat for experiencing outdoor living without leaving the city.

The outdoor kitchen features a gorgeous island with a raised tier on the backside for bar-style seating and dining. The entire island is finished with the same wood slatting that offers a beautiful contrast with the countertops and stainless steel appliances, while also being specially treated to withstand the elements. A Summerset Grills TRL Series grill brings the cooking power while the built-in refrigerator and ice chest provide cold storage and refreshment. Two dry storage cabinets, one with stainless steel doors and the other with wood slatting, keep the balance between stainless steel and wood. The island is topped with concrete countertops that are durable and modern. The experts from Chicago Roof Deck and Garden have created a multiuse haven in the city center while staying relevant and contemporary.

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