Sleek Kitchen, Charming Pergola, Warm Herringbone Deck, Outdoor Getaway

Sleek Kitchen, Charming Pergola, Warm Herringbone Deck, Outdoor GetawayThe TRL Grill by Summerset GrillsThe Summerset Beverage Station

Outdoor living is not reserved only for the rich or those with large spaces, but creating a place to relax is accessible to anyone with planning and help. This outdoor getaway features a sleek white kitchen, a separate eating area, and a charming sitting area under a large pergola, all on a herringbone deck. 

Efficiently master-crafted by Designing with Elements in Huntington Station, New York, this design makes the most of the modest backyard by creating a distinct extension of desirable living space and still keeping a good amount of grass and landscaped area.

The Kitchen

The bright white cabinetry of the outdoor kitchen creates a lovely and sleek base for the gorgeous wraparound granite countertops and housing for the stainless steel built-in Summerset TRL Grill, Beverage Station, and refrigerator. With ample working space, handy built-in power outlets, and bar seating for three, this kitchen makes cooking outside a breeze.

The Deck and Pergola

The herringbone deck is a warm and eye-catching showpiece that ties all three areas together and provides a beautiful counterpoint to the horizontal white lines of the siding and pergola. The white trim of the deck offers distinction and boundary, maintaining openness and causing the vibrant landscape to pop like colors on an artist’s canvas.

Transforming the Backyard into a Breathtaking Outdoor Oasis

With careful attention to detail in the planning process, along with a thoughtful selection of colors, textures, and space utilization, this backyard has been transformed into a breathtaking outdoor extension of the home, seamlessly blending with the house in both form and appearance. The harmonious interplay of elements creates an inviting atmosphere that beckons one to unwind and connect with nature right in the comfort of their own property.

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