Serene and Modern Hideaway with Vibrant Tiled Grill Island, White Nano Glass Countertops, and Custom Pool

Everyone needs a place to refresh and rejuvenate from the noise of everyday life. A private outdoor space can provide that necessary reprieve to gather your bearings and refocus. This peaceful hideaway uses a transitional style to create smooth lines and pristine surfaces that are calming and beautiful. A bright patio of white tile with subtle marbling lays the foundation with understated fluidity that complements the immaculate pool. The home's white exterior flows perfectly into the tile flooring, creating a blank canvas that accentuates the bright blue water, black backdoor, and stunning custom grill island. Instead of an accent wall, this grill island provides the artistic centerpiece for the entire space with masterful craftsmanship and choice of materials.

With gorgeous tile work, the grill island face and backsplash are breathtaking, commanding attention with exquisite detail and grace. White nano glass countertops with waterfall sides continue the luxurious smooth texture while providing prep and serving space. The island houses a Summerset Grills Sizzler Pro and matching side burner for creating grilled masterpieces while enjoying the day by the pool. Stainless steel storage cabinets provide extra storage to maintain an orderly and minimalistic aesthetic. The combination of tile work and smooth lines give this backyard a touch of luxury and serenity that is soothing and revitalizing.

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