Relax and Rejuvenate in this Outdoor Retreat Featuring White Stone, Black Granite, and Panoramic Views

Admiring the sunrise and relaxing at sunset make enjoying the outdoors rejuvenating, and this Idaho home has breathtaking views for miles. Situated on a hillside, this backyard is designed to take in the panoramas on all three sides. Elegant and highly functional, this retreat is masterfully crafted to fit the homeowners' needs and tastes. The covered patio is large enough to incorporate a built-in wraparound island, seating area, and dining area shaded through most of the day. The home uses high contrast between the white walls, black trim, and huge windows to bring a stylish aesthetic that is stunning. The same color scheme is incorporated into the outdoor kitchen, while the black iron fence matches the trim. The large outdoor kitchen feels to scale because of the even bigger size of the concrete patio.

The grill island features three legs in a wraparound configuration that leaves plenty of counter space for prepping or serving. Constructed of white stone and topped with gorgeous black granite countertops, the island brings a custom, high-end vibe to the space. The island is stocked with stainless steel appliances with the durability to last. A Summerset Grills Sizzler Pro provides the high-end grilling experience, while a built-in refrigerator keeps refreshments and ingredients cool. Matching dry storage and built-in trash drawer keep the entire kitchen clean and orderly. The third leg of the island overextends on the back to provide bar-style seating for guests to enjoy. The whole space offers inspiring views and dramatic tones to create a one of a kind outdoor living experience.

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