Refreshing & Bright Retreat, White Grill Island, Oversized Umbrella, Complete Outdoor Kitchen With a California Vibe

California is known for its mild weather and gorgeous sun, and this backyard setup is designed to enjoy the summer days and nights outside. Styled with modern lines and bright coastal themes that open the space, there is plenty of room to entertain around the grill, fire pit, and pool. An oversized umbrella continues the beach theme while providing needed shade for the cook. These homeowners also made budget-wise choices like concrete flooring and stucco island that match the refreshing theme without draining the wallet. These bright textures bring a feeling of openness while accentuating the beautiful greenery.

The bright white outdoor kitchen brings a Californian feel and has been stocked with high-end appliances and storage for a complete cooking experience. Championed by the American Muscle Grill from Summerset Grills with stylish front grille and bold frame, the "L-shaped" island has been fitted with plenty of dry and cold storage for whatever the day calls for. Stunning white countertops provide plenty of prep space, serving space, and bar seating for four. A wood tile has been used as an accent to the island's ending face to add warmth and texture that matches the coastal theme and palette of the umbrella. A sophisticated and modern transformation, this backyard is set for year-round refreshment and entertaining with a chic California vibe.

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