Private Suburban Living with Modern Built-In Seating and Fire Pit

This beautiful suburban home has the perfect backyard for entertaining. The lower seating area allows for comfortable and relaxed socializing as an extension of the home's living space. Conversations centered around the beautiful opulent fire pit provide a cozy and warm aesthetic, perfect for roasting marshmallows on a summer night. Under the pergola, the ambiance of the private yard is ideal for enjoying a couple of appetizers or even a full course meal. The use of three exclusive designated sitting areas makes the backyard ideal for both intimate and large group gatherings.

Centered in the middle of outdoor space is a Summerset Grills Sizzler Pro, a great launching point for endless opportunities to create some modern BBQ food or stick with the classics. Placing the grill close to the tables makes it easy to keep the food hot and fresh for serving. Food is consistently the heart of any gathering, so this Summerset grill is the ideal appliance to have in the backyard. This backyard creates a comfortable and fun space to host guests, entertain, and enjoy the outdoors any time of year.

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