Peaceful, Warm, and Cozy Shaded Retreat with Arched Pergola, Wood Slatting, and Black Accents

With so much variety in outdoor living design, backyard transformations can complement the home design or greatly contrast the home's aesthetic to create an entirely new space.  This home features a cozy shaded retreat in a small footprint that employs dark stained wood beams, reddish slatting, and black accents to create a peaceful and inviting setting.  The privacy fence is smartly incorporated into the pergola's design and structure, creating a hybrid-like shelter that is more encompassing than most pergolas.  The gorgeous wood slatting creates isolation and intrigue with multiple refractions of the sunlight.  The deck is modern and bright, offering a sharp contrast to the dark wood to open up space.  A compact kitchen island, lounging area, and small dining area make this backyard a comfortable and relaxing place to spend the afternoon or evening.

The grill island is the perfect size for this deck, so that it perfectly complements the design and layout of the backyard. Warm, organic, and finished with the same reddish wood slatting of the pergola, the dark island allows the stainless steel furnishings to stand out.  A Summerset Grills TRL provides plenty of cooking power while a gorgeous matching two-drawer refrigerator keeps drinks and ingredients cold and fresh. The island also holds a dry storage cabinet and pull out trash drawer to keep the space clean and tidy. Topped with black granite countertops that match the dark trim, black railings, and black accents, the island looks completely built-in and incorporated into the backyard design. With the creative use of warm textures, this backyard retreat is an inviting getaway at any time of the week.

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