Outdoor Kitchen Inspiration with Stunning Black Granite and Vibrant Stone Island in Omaha, Nebraska

Ready for an outdoor kitchen? Add one to your existing patio or build one into your new space! This Nebraska home did a little of both. Having a large backyard to work with already, they reworked the patio and landscaping to allow for an outdoor kitchen and separate seating area around a built-in fire pit. By redoing the patio, they could add some drainage away from the home and create a secure footprint for the large grill island. By reworking the landscaping, the backyard became more usable with defined areas for cooking, eating, and lounging. With some expert help and design, these homeowners achieved the outdoor living experience they had been missing and increased their home's value simultaneously.

The outdoor kitchen uses a classic “L-shaped” island design to maximize space and function.  The first branch houses a stainless steel Summerset Grills TRL and matching side burner for cooking up anything the day calls for.  The return branch of the island features a large counter for bar-style seating and dining.  Equipped with plenty of dry storage and a built-in refrigerator, this outdoor kitchen will keep the party going throughout the day. The earth tones of the stone finish match the fence while adding vibrant contrast to the concrete patio. Topped with stunning black granite countertops, the outdoor kitchen is complete with style and function. Whether starting from scratch or working with what you got, an outdoor living experience is achievable and rewarding.

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