Outdoor Entertaining, Rooftop Garden, Teak Island, Double Trouble under the Chicago Skyline

Escape to an outdoor paradise perched high above the bustling streets of Chicago, where a rooftop garden becomes the stage for unforgettable outdoor entertaining. Here, amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the city skyline, two Summerset TRL Grills stand ready to elevate your grilling game and dazzle your guests.

Double the Delight: Chic Rooftop Garden Meets Gourmet Grilling Under the Chicago Skyline

This unique outdoor setup captures the essence of urban elegance, blending lush greenery with the sleek functionality of modern outdoor cooking. The teak island is crafted from the finest materials and houses the grills. These powerhouses are not just about looks; they're about bringing your grilling dreams to life even when you don't have a yard of your own, allowing you to sear, sizzle, and serve up mouthwatering creations with ease.

Entertain under the stars, surrounded by an oasis of potted plants and vibrant herbs that beautify the space and inspire your dishes. This rooftop garden doesn't just cater to the senses with its visual appeal and tantalizing tastes; it's a symphony of city lights, soft laughter, and the clinking of glasses as you toast the night.

The magic of this setting lies in its versatility. Whether you're hosting a chic cocktail party or a laid-back barbecue, the ambiance adapts to fit your mood. The glow of the skyline serves as the perfect backdrop, enhancing every occasion with its dynamic beauty.

Beyond the allure of the grills, this space is a testament to thoughtful design. The choice of teak for the islands mirrors the warmth and resilience needed for outdoor settings, ensuring that this heavenly retreat stands the test of time and weather. Integrated storage solutions within the islands keep your essentials organized and out of sight, maintaining the area's streamlined look.

Make Any Outdoor Space Amazing with Summerset Grills

This rooftop garden may be the envy of many, but it's just one example of how Summerset Grills can transform any outdoor space into a dreamy entertainment destination. From compact balconies to sprawling yards, our range of high-quality grills caters to every need and style.

An outdoor retreat is more than a place to cook; it's a destination that invites you to relish gathering, sharing, and eating. Here, every meal is an opportunity to create memories against the Chicago skyline canvas, blending the flavors of your culinary creations with the vibrancy of city living.

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