Outdoor Entertaining, Rooftop Garden, Teak Island, Double Trouble under the Chicago Skyline

Amid a bustling metropolis where real estate is at a premium, finding extra entertaining space pushes many homeowners upward.  This huge rooftop patio in Chicago provides plenty of sun, beautiful garden, and breathtaking views of the skyline.  Simple, modern, and rectangular, the terrace features a large stone tiled floor that is warmed the rich wood planters and teak kitchen island. The large area can facilitate multiple tables, dancing, and cocktail parties, or lounge chairs to relax and enjoy the shrubbery. 

The outdoor kitchen is built for volume featuring two Summerset TRL grills for entertaining large parties of all occasions.  The stainless steel built-ins are framed by beautiful teak wood on the island and backsplash and canopied by a compact modern covering with accent lighting.  The dark granite countertops add another texture allowing them to disappear when not the focus while providing needed prep and staging area for food and drinks.  Maximizing function and simplicity, Chicago Roof Deck and Garden have created an outdoor escape with organic textures that captures the energy of the city.

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