Modern & Homey, Prefabricated Pool, Custom Grill Island, An Outdoor Oasis in a Metropolitan Neighborhood

Experiencing the joys of outdoor living is not reserved for the suburbs only, as shown by this urban backyard that has been transformed into an outdoor oasis. With the backyard in complete disrepair, a full overhaul was necessary to craft multiuse spaces to accommodate large family get-togethers. A 6,500-pound prefabricated pool with custom platform and steps provides refreshment on sunny days. Simultaneously, a gorgeous built-in Firegear Kalea Bay Linear Outdoor Fireplace from Summerset Grills brilliantly sets the mood for evening relaxation by the fire. The synthetic lawn was used to provide the benefits of a small yard without the difficulty of mowing small strips of grass between features. The patio was redone entirely with outdoor seating and home theater setup, and a large dining area was created with a custom grill island.

For a modern take on the grill island, a custom Summerset Grills kitchen island was built and installed with an Alturi 36” Built-In grill and Summerset outdoor rated refrigerator. The sleek gray open-air feel of the island perfectly flows with the tonal palette of textures and furnishings, while the stainless steel appliances are highlighted and complement the modern theme. With this massive grill and prep area, these homeowners won't have to worry about running out of space while feeding everyone, and the combined dining and seating areas will give everyone a place to hang out and eat. From start to finish, this backyard has been transformed into a breathtaking getaway that they are sure to enjoy for years to come.

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