Inviting Patio, Comfy Infrared Heaters, Stone Grill Island, Outdoor Living for All Seasons

Living further north means dealing with many months of colder temperatures and harsher elements.  When designing an outdoor retreat, adding a few careful touches and appliances can make all the difference between a seasonal space and a place to be enjoyed all year.  This home in Eagle, ID, took advantage of their huge patio, making it inviting and sophisticated. A high vaulted roofline opens the atmosphere giving it a great room feel outdoors.  The use of white walls further expands the area to feel more comprehensive. Concrete flooring is durable and straightforward while complementing the dark wood roof.  To make it comfy and cozy in the winter months, the designers from Gourmet Grills in Idaho have installed four ceiling-mounted infrared heaters.  The fully functional grill island is constructed opposite the large windows to section the space further while also providing exterior views to the cook.

Luxurious dark granite countertops provide a sleek and glossy crown to the stone grill island that both matches and reflects the dark roof of the patio.  A Summerset Grills Sizzler Pro champions the island with a matching side burner to provide all the cooking power needed to spend the afternoon outside.  Multiple Summerset components bring additional storage, trash roll-out, and ice chest, further enhancing the outdoor experience.  The island surface uses a custom stone product that is a beautiful contrast to the smooth wood siding and patio and concrete flooring. With the perfect blend of textures, colors, and appliances, these homeowners have achieved a welcoming retreat for any time of year.

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