Gorgeous & Pristine, Glass Sliding Walls, Dekton Countertops, Living in the Sun in Whitney Ranch, Nevada

Outdoor living is a must for today's new homeowners, and finding creative ways to implement the design, add function, and provide shelter from the elements are in high demand. In Whitney Ranch, this newly built outdoor kitchen takes advantage of the large patio and shade to bring some relief from the desert sun. A tinted glass-paneled sliding wall system has been installed to extend the living space outdoors in colder months, allowing an abundance of light to brighten the home when closed. The stone patio features rich dark red and brown tones that are a beautiful contrast to the beige stucco of the house.  The outdoor kitchen is also constructed of stucco to match the home and incorporates the patio support for a complete built-in look.

Using an “L-shaped” island, the outdoor kitchen is fully loaded with appliances and storage, making it an inviting space to spend the day out of the sun. A Summerset Grills built-in Sizzler Pro grill spearheads the cooking power while matching side burners provide plenty of opportunity for cooking sauces and sides.  A stainless steel sink is a handy addition to keep the island clean without going inside the house.  An abundance of cabinets and drawers make use of the entire island for convenient dry storage of utensils and ingredients. The island is topped with pristine white Dekton countertops and backsplash for a gorgeous and durable surface that brings a stunning contrast to the stucco. Designed and installed by the experts at BBQ Concepts, this patio has been transformed into a beautiful, high-powered outdoor space to be enjoyed throughout the seasons.

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