Eclectic Luxury, Custom Overflow Pool & Spa, Flagstone Kitchen, Paradise in Peoria

Welcome to a unique blend of modern extravagance and traditional masonry in this backyard oasis in Peoria, Arizona.  A luxurious and innovative custom overflow pool and spa is the centerpiece surrounded by flagstone trim and accents that convey a timeless charm. Matching the aesthetic and design of the home, a large shelter sits adjacent to the pool bringing a resort-like opulence to this residential property. The shelter covers a large dining area with a wrap-around island that houses a fully functional outdoor kitchen and provides additional bar seating.

The outdoor kitchen is as grand as it is functional, as the large shelter provides plenty of space for an open feel and beautiful scenic views of the pool and desert sky.  The large custom island uses the same flagstone that is featured throughout the property, tiled backsplash, stone tile flooring, and gorgeous granite countertops. The kitchen is stocked with a built-in Summerset grill, side burner, built-in cold storage and ice chest, matching stainless steel cabinets and drawers for dry storage, and plenty of counter space to create culinary masterpieces while entertaining or relaxing outside. The experts from Premier Paradise, Inc., have achieved a beautiful balance of sleek and rugged elements to create an Arizona paradise that embraces the desert beauty and provides peaceful relaxation.

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