Dramatic and Sleek, Silver Travertine Kitchen, Absolute Black Granite, Privacy Glass, Bold Outdoor Living in Florida

Setting up an outdoor living space can be tricky; that's why we bring you a different look each week to inspire you what others have done.  This Floridian enclosed patio is a stone lover's dream and would make any grilling enthusiast excited. This entire space features a sleek and moody monochromatic palette from a silver travertine kitchen to black trim and accents. The glass-enclosed patio employs privacy glass that keeps out unwanted eyes and adds to the intrigue. Proper ventilation has been added, allowing the smoke to escape, while there is plenty of room to entertain guests around the grill island and adjacent seating area.

This outdoor kitchen is designed with flare, emboldened by the powerhouse Muscle Grill from Summerset Grills and the matching Muscle Grill Power Burner. The Muscle Grill is a hybrid masterpiece allowing you to cook with any fuel, from natural gas to hardwood to charcoal. If that wasn't enough, the kitchen has also been fitted with a Primo large smoker for "long and slow" goodness.  The wrap-around island is topped with absolute black granite that is gorgeous and dramatic and provides plenty of prep and serving space.  Fitted with an outdoor sink to keep things clean and sanitary and cold and dry storage to keep things orderly, this outdoor kitchen is beautiful and stylish.  The experts from Synergy Outdoor Living have created a stunning hideaway with a masterful use of textures, tones, and finishes that is both striking and inviting.

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