Custom Modern Design, Sleek Lines, Home Theater, Fire Feature, Stylish Outdoor Living in the Desert

Looking for a stunning transformation to your backyard? This home implements a unique modern style in every aspect of the design with sleek lines that constantly lead onlookers towards the pool. With a modern asymmetrical shelter that feels cantilevered, an outdoor living space has been created with a home theater, built-in seating, cantilevered fire feature, and an outdoor kitchen. Somewhat minimalistic, the area isn't cluttered with extra furniture or tables and allows the different textures and shapes to stand out. Geometric themes tie the entire backyard together with concrete pavers in the grass area, vertical accents on the back wall, and rectangular accents in the outdoor kitchen.  Breathtaking and inviting, these homeowners have achieved a cohesive, one of a kind aesthetic that comfortably blends methodical design and function.

With unforgettable flair, the outdoor kitchen takes a minimalistic approach as well. A long galley-like island extends the entire length of the shelter providing an architectural element and housing the appliances and storage.  The use of concrete counters and stucco add to the minimalist design creating a cohesive tonal palette. A built-in Summerset Grills Sizzler provides the cooking power, while warm Madera components provide needs storage and warm contrast to the gray tones. With built-in seating and concrete table, these homeowners have added needed features without cluttering the space.  Likewise, the home theater doesn't overtake and dominate the area but instead feels seamless and natural. An impressive undertaking, this backyard has been masterfully crafted and curated, while remaining warm and alluring.

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