Custom Chicago Rooftop Retreat with Luxurious Hardwood, White Pergola, and Modern Grill Island

In metropolitan meccas like Chicago, the high demand for real estate forces homeowners to creatively use whatever space they have. Custom roof deck remodels have become a growing genre of outdoor living spaces featuring modern lines, warm textures, and luxurious amenities. This Lincoln Park community roof deck combines style and high-end features in a relatively small space. The use of outdoor-rated hardwoods like ipe makes this rooftop a warm and cozy place to socialize despite the exposure to the elements. A bright white pergola adds just enough shelter for the cooking while also serving as an architectural feature that adds scale. The custom grill island provides a luxurious barbecue experience to enjoy with guests and family.

The island is strikingly beautiful from the reddish hardwood construction and white countertops that sharply contrast the gray deck. Tailored to hide any seams and storage, the cabinets use the same wood to disappear from any significant distance. A Summerset Grills Sizzler Pro was the appliance of choice to provide dependable high performance for every event. The stainless steel door handles and accents beautifully complement the grill and two-door cabinet below. This is outdoor city life under the stars. MRC Construction has crafted an outdoor retreat that offers stunning panoramas of the Chicago skyline and a peaceful haven in the middle of the windy city.

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