Compact Gourmet Kitchen with Hood with Gorgeous Earth Tones for Year-Round Grilling in Port Charlotte, Florida

Bold and beautiful outdoor kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Your dream outdoor kitchen can be realized with creative planning and custom finishes in whatever space you have to work with. This Florida home created a compact gourmet kitchen on their covered patio packed with appliances, storage, and function. The patio's aesthetic is instantly upgraded to another class by stylish stone flooring with a marbled pattern. The use of stone in the flooring and island becomes a focal point contrasted against the home's lighter stucco walls. Placing the island in front of a window creates a simple passthrough for finished dishes, ingredients, or just conversation with those inside. Protected from the wind and weather, this outdoor kitchen is designed to be enjoyed throughout the year.

The custom island uses a small footprint to pack everything needed to keep the party going outside all day long. A 32-inch TRL from Summerset Grills provides maximum cooking power in the space provided, and a stainless steel built-in sink keeps everything clean and sanitary. The island also features matching dry storage, cold storage, and a pull-out trash drawer. Topped with a densely patterned granite, there is enough counter space for prepping and serving. One of the difficulties with putting a high-performance grill on a covered patio is the ventilation of smoke, but they tacked that head-on with the installation of a sleek hood that also elevates the quality of the kitchen. With stellar craftsmanship and expert design, the masters at Radil Construction have given these homeowners an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed all year round.

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