Compact and Powerful, Alturi Luxury in a Combo Island and Bar, Beautiful Outdoor Living in San Jose

Outdoor living is coveted by many and much more accessible than people realize.  Whether you're looking for a complete backyard makeover or modifying a space into an outdoor kitchen, there is a grill island to match your lifestyle and budget.  This beautiful garden in San Jose features a compact and powerful solution without dominating the entire backyard.  By identifying an area of the backyard space, installing utilities, and pouring a concrete slab the foundation for a fully functional kitchen is laid while maintaining the original character of the home and property.

An advantage to designating a compact area rather than an overall design is the opportunity to install top of the line luxurious appliances.  An Alturi grill and a matching Alturi side burner from Summerset crown one side of the L-shaped island with elegance and signature blue LED lights.  A stainless steel built-in corner sink, cold storage, and ice chest make up the other leg.  The stucco island has a raised bar on the backside to provide bar seating for hanging out and dining, and beautiful granite countertops bring a wonderful aesthetic and function.  By packing all of these amenities into a small area, the owners have not only added value to their home but also extended their living space into the outdoors.

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