Chicago Rooftop Deck with Pergola, Privacy Fencing, and Outdoor Kitchen

Chicago Rooftop Deck with Pergola, Privacy Fencing, and Outdoor Kitchen

We have the ideal solution if you're a homeowner looking to create the perfect outdoor living space on your roof deck in a metropolitan area. Here is some outdoor inspiration for urban outdoor living on a rooftop that provides everything you need to enjoy an outdoor paradise. 

They started by incorporating gorgeous slatted fencing around the deck's perimeter with black hardware for increased security and privacy. With the presence of an exterior retaining wall, it only takes another couple of feet of slatted fencing to create a private haven with amazing skyline views. There's also an outdoor bar area equipped with accent lighting for when it gets dark out so they can enjoy this peaceful oasis well into the evenings. For a pop of color and texture, an artificial turf section has been added to bring in some greenery and a cozy feel. Additionally, the pergola provides shade and shelter from the sun while allowing for an open-air space. 

What ties this incredible setup together is the outdoor kitchen island finished with Ipe, featuring the luxurious Alturi Grill from Summerset Grills and beautiful black countertops. The grill island also includes an undermount sink for easy cleaning and washing. The Ipe wood has virtually unlimited weather resistance - making it a perfect selection for decks in any climate!  

Experience the ultimate outdoor oasis with a rooftop deck solution to bring metropolitan outdoor living dreams to life. Whether hosting dinner parties under the stars or indulging in luxurious lounging, outdoor inspirations like this will make it all a reality.

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