Chic and Bright, Massive Patio, Glass Enclosed Pool, Custom Outdoor Kitchen, Your Own Personal Paradise in Tampa

A water lover's paradise, this Tampa home features an outdoor haven that is bright, stylish, and inviting. The large patio extends around the pool with a glass-paneled enclosure providing shelter during harsh weather and plenty of natural light. The use of white on the walls and island further expands the airy feel and atmosphere. The stone flooring brings a tranquil texture similar to cobblestone, but with uniform thickness. Gorgeous tongue and groove ceilings finish off the space with a beautiful character reflecting the light from the outside and providing a soothing effect. An ashy outdoor dining table and chairs with light blue cushions complement the ambiance and sit adjacent to the grill island for a peaceful outdoor dining experience.

The outdoor kitchen is ideally suited for the space using a stucco finish to match the walls so that it fits into the patio instead of overtaking it.  Striking granite countertops are flawlessly curated to provide the intrigue and charisma. The white island allows the stainless steel appliances and accessories to shine and gleam, and the addition of a stunning hood over the built-in Summerset Grill adds safety and a gourmet feel to the relatively simple cooking island.  A matching sink, cold and dry storage, and trash pull out make this outdoor kitchen fully functional throughout the day for whatever pleasures the calendar holds.  Chic and bright, the experts of Hyde Park Renovations have created a relaxing paradise that is both warm and unpretentious.

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