Celebrating Outdoor Living in Eastern Nebraska

Welcome to a backyard that epitomizes the joy of outdoor living. This Nebraska gem features a multi-island outdoor kitchen, a custom fire pit, and a versatile sports court, offering a space where family and friends can gather, celebrate, and create lasting memories.

Celebrating Outdoor Living in Eastern Nebraska

The heart of this setup is the two islands, each fitted with contrasting granite counters. These islands not only provide ample cooking and prep space but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the outdoor setting. 

One island houses the TRL Grill by Summerset Grills, a high-performance grill designed for those who appreciate the art of outdoor cooking. With its robust construction and advanced features, this grill ensures a superior grilling experience every time. It also includes a smoker and a Dual Drawer Refrigerator by Summerset Grills. This handy appliance keeps your beverages cool and your ingredients fresh, ensuring everything you need is within easy reach.

The second island features an Evo Grill, adding versatility to your culinary adventures. Whether you're slow-cooking a brisket or searing a steak, this setup has you covered. Multiple bar seating areas invite guests to gather around, engage in conversation, and enjoy the cooking process. It's a social hub where delicious meals are savored, stories are shared, and laughter rings out.

The sleek multicolor flagstone patio adds a dramatic flair to the space, providing a sturdy and elegant platform for outdoor furniture. It perfectly complements the granite counters and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the outdoor kitchen.

Celebrating Outdoor Living in Eastern Nebraska

Beyond the kitchen, there's a custom fire pit for those cozy evenings under the stars and a versatile sports court for basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Add to that the sprawling grassy area, beautiful landscaping, and a play area for the kids, and you have a backyard that truly has it all.

This Nebraska backyard is more than just an outdoor space; it's a testament to the beauty of outdoor living. It shows how thoughtful design and careful planning can transform a backyard into a versatile outdoor living space that caters to everyone's needs.

So, if you want to create an outdoor space that offers the perfect blend of style, functionality, and social interaction, let this Nebraska backyard inspire you. With Summerset Grills, you can create an outdoor kitchen that meets your cooking needs and enhances your outdoor living experience.

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