Bright and Cheery Patio Ideas with a Classic Compact Outdoor Kitchen

When the weather is warm and pleasant, there's nothing more satisfying than eating a meal outside. With this outdoor patio and kitchen, you can prepare and enjoy your food outside for an easy party with friends! Smaller spaces call for projects that provide a lot of function in a compact area for mixing drinks or grill your favorite dish. This patio has been completely redone with large, gray, modern stone pavers for an elevated, sleek look over the standard concrete slab. Using a covered patio for shade and protection from the weather is a smart way to reduce costs for limited budgets. These homeowners have made the most of their outdoor space without doing a complete remodel.

The outdoor kitchen island is constructed between the roof supports for a built-in, cohesive look rather than just an add-on. The use of bright white stucco and countertops opens up the patio, making it feel larger than it is. The custom-made grill island contains everything needed for extended enjoyment outdoors, including Summerset Grills 32" TRL for high-performance grilling and a built-in refrigerator, so the drinks are cold and refreshing. The built-in sink is a valuable addition that is often forgotten, allowing you to wash hands and dishes without going inside. The simple lines and smooth surfaces provide a minimalistic and modern vibe that is peaceful and cheery. These homeowners have done a terrific job creating the perfect space that is inviting, practical, and fun. Now all their neighbors want to come over for their own barbecue!

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