Beautifully Remodeled Metropolitan Backyard with Custom Outdoor Kitchen, White Brick, and Hardwood Accent Wall

Urban neighborhoods are often described as concrete jungles of monotonous shades of stucco and cinderblock throughout. When real estate is at a premium, finding decent-sized yards is such a treasure it would be disappointing not to make the most of it. This featured backyard exemplifies fine taste through a balance of color, texture, and function. The surrounding cinderblock wall and custom grill island have been painted white, making the property seem lively and larger. The home's back wall has been accented with gorgeous dark hardwood siding that brings warmth and depth to the space. A custom grill island has been constructed on a xeriscape foundation, while a flat-screen TV provides access to the big game while enjoying the outdoors.

With high-end components, this outdoor kitchen is stunning and fabulous. The white brick construction allows the stainless steel appliances to shine, while the pristine gray countertops exquisitely reflect the sunlight. Fitted with an Alturi grill from Summerset Grills, the chef can create and entertain for parties, large and small. The built-in sink and storage keep the area clean and orderly, while a double refrigerator keeps drinks and ingredients chilled. To top it off, this island features a kegerator with an installed tap for near-endless refreshment. Bar-style seating is provided by the overhang on the island's backside, directly in front of the TV. Modern and sophisticated, this backyard has been crafted into a unique hideaway that stands above the rest of the neighborhood.

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