Attractive Courtyard, Stone Fireplace, Amazing Sunsets, Coastal Living in Southern California

With views of the breathtaking California coast to the right and the left, this charming courtyard provides plenty of outdoor living in a compact footprint.  Featuring high-end furnishings that complement the gorgeous views, the space is perfectly styled and utilized.  The ash-colored deck sets the canvas of muted textures to allow the lush organic colors of the landscape to pull the focus outward towards the ocean. A white stone fireplace punctuates the space with an inviting charisma to relax and enjoy the evening, while the feature-rich and compact grill station provides plenty of potential for outdoor dining.

In such spaces where real estate is a premium making built-in islands impractical, this outdoor kitchen is not lacking in character.  The bold American Muscle Grill from Summerset has the elegance and flair that feels appropriately opulent.  Freestanding with a matching sidecar of drawers for added storage, the gallant stainless grill is iconic of classic muscle cars and is a true campaigner of outdoor living. The focus of coastal living in Southern California is the beautiful shoreline and near-perfect year-round weather, and this stylish patio is brilliantly designed to value the tone and ambiance.

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