A Modern and Sophisticated Patio Transformation by the Beach with Glass Wall System, Custom Grill Island, and Plenty of Sunshine.

Living by the beach is a dream of many homeowners with the cool ocean breeze, milder temperatures, and iconic views. The price of that venture usually requires a tradeoff of size for the location. Yet, many have been able to extend their usable living space to the outdoor patio, creating a transitional room that is stylish and serene. This modern townhome reveals how a retractable glass wall system can join two very distinct and separate spaces into one. Instead of a single door or French doors, the glass wall creates fluidity from the inside to the outside. The bright white décor of the interior makes it feel cheerful and expansive. The placid patio's slightly more muted grays communicate calm and tranquility, even with other homes in close proximity. A small, streamlined grill island fits seamlessly on the patio, providing the convenience of outdoor cooking and leaving enough room for dining and lounging.

Simple and understated, the outdoor kitchen island is sleek and compact. Matching the patio's dual-tone theme of gray and white, the goal is the function and aesthetic. Everything outside contributes to the atmosphere of quietude, so instead of being a feature piece, the island blends into the theme. Since the indoor kitchen is more accessible than in larger homes, the outdoor kitchen is humbler, containing a Summerset Grills Sizzler Pro, built-in trash drawer, and dry storage. It is self-contained and orderly to keep the patio clean and peaceful. Using high-end components and cohesive design, these homeowners have crafted a stunning transitional room that adds living space, fresh ocean air, and outdoor relaxation making their dream a reality.

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