Magnificent and Innovative, Custom Pool, Recessed Outdoor Kitchen, Refreshing Oasis in Southern California

In sunny Southern California, every outdoor hangout needs some kind of shade and refreshment.  Surrounded by cinderblock, this large backyard has been transformed into a stunning oasis in the middle of a metropolitan mecca. This rare-sized lot has a custom pool, built-in rock feature with waterslide, huge recessed kitchen with wooden shelter, and extra yard for further activities and entertaining.  The standout feature is the sunken kitchen that puts the cook and diners at the same level as the swimmers.  The pool wraps around two sides of the kitchen with bar seating allowing the swimmers to interact and eat with the chef while in the water. The large wooden shelter provides needed relief from the sun for an afternoon lunch in the cool breeze.

The outdoor kitchen is fully stocked to handle any accommodation or recipe the event calls for. The three-sided kitchen features parallel islands with granite countertops, retaining wall with bar, and a built-in table with seating for six.  The water-facing island has a large sink, dry and cold storage, and plenty of counter space. The opposite island holds a built-in Summerset Grill, an oven, and more cold and dry storage. These amenities and attractions make this a remarkable retreat that can be enjoyed all day long without needing to traffic inside the home. Makeovers like this are about making memories with friends and family, and getting outside to enjoy the weather and sun of our remarkable world.

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