Comfortable and Inviting Outdoor Getaway with Craftsman Style Pavilion and Custom Pool

“Every man is the king of his castle,” and this backyard would make any man feel like a king. With kingly stature and mood, this backyard's been transformed into an inviting court and living space. Everything is centered around the custom pool with water features, whose waters brilliantly dance in the afternoon breeze. The stunning pavilion is constructed of large, gorgeous beams in the craftsman style, providing shade and beauty over the kitchen and dining area. Gray ceramic tiles used on the retaining walls, footings, and grill island look like quarried stones adding to the royal atmosphere. Providing a wide range of entertaining experiences and conversations, multiple lounging areas are stationed at the pool's corners. The outdoor kitchen likewise matches indoor convenience and function in an outdoor space with elegance and power.

The custom grill island uses an "L-shape" design, with one branch acting as a bar and serving space and the other branch housing the storage and grill. Glossy black granite countertops with open-face edges bring luxurious quality, while gorgeous stainless steel appliances offer contrasting shiny textures to the ceramic tile and wood beams. The Muscle Grill from American Made Grills brings unmatched power to the kitchen to grill anything the master craves. Everything is kept organized and clean with a built-in sink, dry storage, and refrigerator. With expert mastery, the craftsmen from Terra Yard Creations in Wisconsin have built an outdoor getaway fit for a king, queen, and royal court.

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